Archiprix Netherlands and Archiprix International at the Dutch Design Week

In cooperation wirth CASA vertigo the exhibitions of the national Dutch Archiprix and The Archiprix International were presented from 19 - 27 October 2019 in Vertigo, the building of the faculty of architecture of the Technical University of Eindhoven. The exhibitions were part of the Dutch Design Week (DDW). On the 24th a program of talks took place under the title: Dwelling on the Future. The talks were given by Archiprix participants about their project, moderated by Sergio M. Figueiredo, followed by a lecture by the author of the book 'Dwelling on the Future', Pierre d'Avoine.

from left to right:: Sergio M. Figueiredo, Serah-Ingrid Calitz designer of: Sino-African Counterpoints, Jarno van Iwaarden designer of: For the Benefit of All and Goda Verikaite designer of: Recycling Utopia: in progress

The award winning graduation project:Un-United Nations Headquarters designed by Lesia Topolnyk was represented on top of a cab of the Dutch Design Rides. In the cab Lesia interviewed the Dutch State Architect Floris Alkemade.