Model making at CEPT

Models play an important role in the design disciplines. They are unrivalled to communicate the spatial qualities of a design and they can be used as a design and or a strategic presentation tool. For that reason we’d like to include models in the exhibition Archiprix International Ahmedabad 2017. Together with CEPT university we developed a strategy that not only makes it possible to present models of the nominated projects at the major exhibition in 2017. At the same time this strategy introduces several aspects of the art of model making in the Archiprix formula. It offers the option to cooperate with a foreign colleague who will make the model in Ahmedabad. The models will be made during the winter school at CEPT. The students of the winterschool communicate with the nominees who's models are being made. This scenario reflects the building practice where a project is most often not realized by the designer and where, in an ideal situation, there is a dialogue between the designer and the ones who make it. For both parties, the Archiprix nominee and the model maker this can be an inspiring exercise to communicate about how the qualities of the graduation project can be communicated to the public in an optimal way.

Here you can find information about models in architecture